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1) Logistics Assistant Manager and 2) Manufacturing Assistant Manager

Publicado el 11/10/2018

Our company, leader in Latin America in the market of reusable bags, has opened within the Operations Management two new sub areas that require two professionals to lead their processes.
The academic profile of both coincides in the formation of a Degree in Industrial Civil Engineering, with 3 years of experience working in operational processes with clear processes and exercising good practices.
Both need to speak fluent English. The work areas are two: Logistics and Manufacturing. Within the Logistics area you have to have to take the processes of Supply and inventory management and control of the external warehouses. Along with this, it will also take the process of communication with our office in Hong Kong and also the movement of international traffic with everything that implies the handling of import and the development with customs with products that come from countries like China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. On the other hand, it will also take charge of the entire customer service process that goes from the receipt of a purchase order to the assurance of the finalized order. In the area of Manufacture, the other professional will perform in the management of the production of the bags. It must identify case by case if it will resort to national production or import, always safeguarding the quality of production.
Both profiles searched will depend on the Operations Manager. The work will be developed in Providencia, Eliodoro Yáñez with Hernando de Aguirre from Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 18.00. However, given the intercontinental time difference, it is expected that this person can remotely carry out communication, when necessary, outside office hours
As for the benefits, complementary health insurance and daily lunch are included, but without a doubt, the best benefit is to join a company where you can grow, implement ideas for improvement and where to have fun working, it is well regarded.

Número de vacantes 2
Tipo de cargo Subgerente de Área
Área Logística
Actividad Empresa Manufacturas Varias
Región Empresa Metropolitana de Santiago
Ciudad Empresa Providencia
Lugar de Trabajo Providencia


Estudios mínimos Universitaria
Situación de Estudios Graduado
Carrera : 1. Ingeniería Civil
: 2. Ingeniería Civil Eléctrica / Ingeniería Eléctrica
: 3. Ingeniería Civil Mecánica
: 4. Ingeniería Civil en Energías Renovables
Experiencia mínima Máximo 10 años
Requisitos mínimos For Minimum 3 years of professional experience in Logistics, Distribution or Supply Chain
10 Maximum years of total work experience.

Idiomas Inglés (Hablado:Nativo, Escrito:Nativo, Traducción:Nativo)


Duración indefinido
Jornada Jornada Completa

Preguntas de la Oferta de Empleo (debes responderlas para poder postular)

- Do you have any preference of both applications? Why?
- How many years have you specialized in 1) Logistics 2) Manufacturing (or Production)
- How many years have passed since you graduated as a Civil Engineer?
- Please indicate your salary expectations

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